Aditya Sreekumar


  • Lighting Control System with Emergency Mode, David J. Dolan, Jackson Burlew, Aditya Sreekumar, Andrew G. Rohm, US Patent 10694612, Issued Jun 23, 2020
  • Published Papers

  • Comparison of Obstacle Avoidance Behaviors for a Humanoid Robot in Real and Simulated Environments , Stephen G. McGill, Yida Zhang, Larry Vadakedathu, Aditya Sreekumar, Seung-Joon Yi and Daniel D. Lee, IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots, Jan 2012
  • Simulation of the Mathematical Model of a Quad Rotor Control System Using Matlab Simulink , M. Akhil, M. Krishna Anand, Aditya Sreekumar, P. Hithesan, Applied Mechanics and Materials, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Vols. 110-116, 2011, pp 2577-2584
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  • Dependency Injection - How it helps testing , Aditya Sreekumar