Aditya Sreekumar

I'm a Senior Project Electrical Engineer at Lutron Electronics focusssing on embedded development. I spend most of my day at work developing embedded software for Lutron products, from ground up or modifications on existing platforms.

Prior to this, I obtained my Masters degree in Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania and my Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Amrita University.

During the course of my Masters, I worked at the GRASP Lab as a Research Assitant focussing on SWARM robotics and humanoid robots.

In my spare time, I dwell into hobby robotics and am looking for ways to grow as an engineer. I like learning softwares and platforms I haven't used before as I feel it exposes to me a lot of new information.

On a lighter side, I play soccer, table tennis and a number of other sports. I've recently gotten into kickboxing as well. I have an inclination towards photography and like capturing portraits every now and then.